Address each of the below questions in short-answer form (each response should be between 250-300 words long, single- spaced). Each question corresponds to a short clip that can be accessed by clicking on the film title. Read and answer each question carefully, using specific examples from the clip to support your analysis. You are required to use the reading/lecture materials as sources to support your ideas, and you may also use any outside sources that you research. Be sure to cite your references appropriately using any citation method of your choosing (MLA Style, Chicago Style, etc.). If you are unsure of how to cite your paper properly, see the below website:

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Short-answer Quiz #1 ~ Television Style & Narrative ~

~1~  Perform a stylistic analysis of the staging in the opening theme from Charlie's Angels (1976-81). How do the different elements

        of staging function in the clip to establish a realistic depiction of the three main protagonists as secret agents?

~2~  Analyze the camerawork in the clip from Westworld (2016-present). How are the framing and camera movement used in creative

        ways to help convey the narrative information? How might the camerawork function to reinforce certain themes (good vs. evil,  

        life and death, power relations between the characters, etc.)?

~3~  Analyze the style of continuity editing in the clip from Dinosaurs (1991-94) How is the scene cut together to orient the spectator

        into the television space, and ensure a smooth flow of narrative action?

Short-answer Quiz #2 ~ Radio/TV Genres & Postmodern Culture ~

~1~  Listen to the first twenty minutes of Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds (1938) and discuss the manipulative function of his

        presenting fictional story elements as non-fiction events. How does the program seek to convince the listener that it is an actual

        broadcast, taking place during an actual alien invasion?

~2~  Consider the trailer for Luke Cage (2016-present) and analyze the show as an example of phenomenal television. How does the

        story attempt to "enrich or expand cultural dialogue or thinking," and how might its iconography address specific issues taking

        place in contemporary America?

~3~  Analyze the clip from Adam Ruins Everything (2015-present) as an example of postmodern television. How does the show

        exemplify the current postmodern cultural climate? Discuss some of the specific examples of postmodernism in the clip to

        support your answer.

~4~  Discuss Bacardi's "Mojito" commercial as an example of the commodity image system. How does the ad function to reinforce

        notions of "the good life," and a foster a sense that visions of happiness are often tied to the purchase of products in advertising?  

Short-answer Quiz #3 ~ Representing American Culture ~

~1~  Discuss Bill O'Reilly on the The O'Reilly Factor (1996-2017) as a pundit who engages in dialogical encounters. How does he

        frame his discussion about immigration with Geraldo Rivera in "us vs. them" terms? Why is this contentous encounter an

        example of popular infotainment television?

~2~  Analyze the representation of masculinity and femininity in the Axe "Clean Your Balls" commercial. How do the characters

        reinforce socially constructed stereotypes of men and women in broadcasting?

~3~  Discuss the opening credit sequence of Sense8 (2015-present) as a diverse representation of world culture. How does it

        showcase the complexities of human identity, and challenge established norms about race, sexuality, gender, and class?


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