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week 6 ~ First exam

week 8 ~ No class: Spring break

4-5 pg. Essay #1

Choose one of the following and answer in essay form:

~1~  Analyze the style of continuity editing in Shadow of a Doubt. How is the film cut together to orient the spectator into the film

        space, and ensure a smooth flow of narrative events?

~2~  Discuss the four elements of mise-en-scène in City Lights. How do each of the elements combine to create a sense of realism?

        How are they used to convey specific emotions or ideas about the films' subject matter?

~3~  Consider the function of cinematography in Do the Right Thing. How are photography, framing, and duration used in creative

        ways to emphasize the core themes of the film?

4-5 pg. Essay #2

Choose one of the following and answer in essay form:

~1~  Discuss the narrative elements of Some Like It Hot. What are some of the cause & effect factors that contribute to the

        development of the plot? How does the film present these aspects in terms of time? How does the film make use of the space

        in creative ways to tell its story while developing metaphors?

~2~  Analyze Back to the Future as an example of the classical Hollywood cinema. How does the film exhibit the characteristics of

        the classical Hollywood cinema? What ideological conclusions can we draw from popular films such as this?

        its themes and subject matter?

~3~  Discuss Death Proof as an example of the art cinema aesthetic. How do the films' formal elements and narrative structure

        differ from those of the classical Hollywood style?

4-5 pg. Essay #3

Choose one of the following and answer in essay form:

~1~  Analyze the representation of women in Real Women Have Curves. How does Ana subvert the traditional, dichotomous

        representation of women in film? How does the film function to defy the typical patriarchal perspective offered in classical

        Hollywood films?

~2~  Discuss the representation of race in Dope. How does the film challenge the typical patriarchal perspective of mainstream and

        Hollywood films? How do the characters function to subvert the stereotypes that have often been perpetuated against  

        marginalized groups throughout film history?

~3~  How does The Kids Are All Right go about constructing positive images of lesbian characters? Discuss the ways in which the

        film subverts the traditionally negative representation of lesbians in popular Hollywood films.

adam p. wadenius

week 13 ~ Second exam

week 17 ~ Final exam